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we're still in Texas

carissa foxComment


Well... the girls and I are still kicking back in Texas... Kerrville to be exact. Our closing in Colorado was pushed back a bit. Just means I get to store up some warmth in my bones before hitting the mountains.

The four of us gals (Gretel in tote) will be loading a plane on Wednesday... it should be interesting! I can just see it now... backpacks (full of bribery), doggie carrier, two car seats, two very excited youngsters, one very over-loaded mama. We'll be "that" group nobody wants to sit next to. Actually I just bet they will be GREAT... I'm counting on it... you get what you believe right! :)

I must admit... I feel a bit out of touch. Sort of like a fish out of water. That feeling of home. We have been on such a ride the last four months. It has been interesting I can say that. I have learned that we really do have people we can count on... people who really love us! Thank God for these great gifts in life... friends & family! Thank you for being there!

Thanksgiving will be different this year... for many reasons. I do know that I am truly thankful that we will be in our new home... finally all together again!