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t-shirt fun

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Okay... so here I am this weekend going nuts not being able to pull out all my things and go for it. I'm ready for this move! Now! Not ready to leave my friends & family for a bit in Texas... BUT we'll be back before you can catch... a pig! Fast!

So anyway I used what was out & available and made a couple new t's for big sister. She loves them. I think they are kind of fun too. Better than the "boo" one? :)

The girls and I went out last night in our jammies and did the traditional "booing"! Campbell was fast! They always get so excited about ringing the door bell & running off! We really had fun! We couldn't think of any Halloween songs to sing... are there any... so we sang Wheels on the Bus & Chicken Lips & Lizard Hips! It was a real treat of a time!