brown eyed fox

it has begun

carissa foxComment

I guess it's really happening! We're really moving!

It was the packer's first day... they got a ton done... really awesome! Their stamina... wow... my body is TIRED... and I was just taking things off the walls! Does that mean I'm out of shape? Yuck!

There are boxes & bare walls everywhere! I have found myself many times going to a drawer to grab something and....... oh....... nothing there. Such habits!

Campbell came home from school and was shocked to see her room already all packed. The really good thing about our things being packed... Riley can not change clothes a million times today! That girl... she is something else!

Since our coffee pot is now packed away... I guess I'll HAVE to go get a latte in the morning to help me face the day! Shucks!

I am feeling excited... sad... apprehensive and truly blessed all at the same time!