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bedtime at our house

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Toasty toes & horsey go goes...

My view last night. While the kids attended the Daddy Buckaroo Rodeo I curled up with my current read. Didn't get many pages read... but that's okay... I had little cowgirls to watch!

I am feeling so FULL! Full of the LOVE of my friends & family. Full of hope & promise! Full of excitement for tomorrow!

We will be making the big ol' move to Colorado really soon! The kids are already having their last few days of school here in Texas. Yikes! I CAN NOT believe he actually talked me into leaving Texas again! What was I thinking. I just keep reminding myself that there will be no geckos there (I hate geckos - those disgusting, slimy, good for nothing creatures). No really... I know this will be a fun place for the kids. They'll get to learn to ski and we'll have lots of fun outings & picnics (oh how they love picnics)! It will be a whole new adventure! A whole new place to discover! The good thing is... it is so pretty we should have lots of visitors! Yippee!

Okay so... I am off... off to tackle a couple of my "to do" things on my list of 2,987,234 things I need to get done! Really! All I know... I'll be doing them with a big ol' smile! Zippity do da! It's a wonderful day in the neighborhood!