brown eyed fox


carissa foxComment

A grande non-fat pumpkin spice latte WITH whip... to go! What's better? A grande non-fat pumpkin spice latte WITH whip bought with a gift card! Thanks dear! I hadn't used it since May. What!

After dropping the girls off for a day of Kindergarten & Mommy's Day Out... I ran around town with latte in hand and a big ol' smile on my face. You know one of those mornings where you are singing loud (don't care if someone sees you) like you are one with the music... tapping your foot to the beat & truly enjoying the moment at hand! Well... that was me this morning!

Music always does such good for my spirit. It awakens me... motivates me... pushes me! Does it do the same for you? Nothing like a good song no matter what your mood. Being able to listen to music... having this sense... what a gift!